You want your log stairs built to last??

Hard work that's the secret

That’s our secret! 

Things will last forever when they’re quality made and built with the correct materials. We build to last that’s what we do and there is only one way to do that it’s to apply the best elements to the project. For Us it’s the best grain logs,finest fits and workmanship performed by our fine Amish carpenters  with the best glue to make it all come together.

  The glue is all we purchase for our staircases it runs approx $700.00 per gallon, it’s a hybrid polyurethane glue with an epoxy element that make our staircases the strongest in the industry.  It has a 7000 pounds per square inch holding force which is the same as lifting a house with every step. But I’m not worried about that secret getting out I don’t think our competitors will be spending that on glue but we do because out stairs deserve it.  The other part is hard work and that secrets already out and no one going to copy that.  The reason I know  this is because a good portion of our business is replacing broken down log staircases built poorly only to complete the log home kit  package.  I see how other contractors make their staircases they are so poorly made.  I’m surprised and ashamed at what companies will sell to trustworthy people. 

 Lastly we are also fortunate to have very slow growing trees where we live because of the long winters.  These trees stay strong and are very rigid so when joined closely together the stair are solid like cement when glued up, giving them the ability to last forever.  Our facilities  have the largest kiln systems in the industry 250,000 board feet in total.  Then will  slowly dry our logs so as not to stress the wood this is also very important that nothing drys after it is in your home and loosens up. 

The wood is not expensive it is all the work we put into it the wood that is the cost for the staircase, not the price of the wood.  So if Our competitors say the material costs  X amount of dollars then you know  that’s how much less they will spend on  time and workmanship b y our Amish carpenters and glue to make their stairs.  this makes certain their stairs won’t well made they might look good for a while but they don’t last.  

The simple solution is to ask your builder if your doing a Reno or your the log home kit supplier first how much are the stairs in your bid or package. This will let you know the cost of the stairs in your package.  Then how the stairs are put together if it is by lag bolt or through bolts or other metal fasteners and the type of glue used.  then call me +1 705 843 0609 and I will give you a quick quote hopefully the same or better and then you know before you buy.

Oh and just so you know the salesman will promise you a warranty even send people but they won’t be able to fix the stairs and soon will tell you your on your own we see this all the time.  These companies have also called me in the past to help them fix all there broken staircase problems around the country I told them to have your clients call me!

BOOM the switch board lit up. What I can’t understand is why they are still selling bad stair,  They told me it’s profit! So be careful.

One last note. So you understand the seriousness,  In 2015  over 2339 people died from falling down stairs and if your stair treads are not solid and tight and wobble all over the place it will be like walking on marbles on your stairs that’s a very bad situation to be living in.   My experience comes from building in logs for over 48 years I’m honest, caring and straightforward and will answer all your questions you will get the knowledge and answer to make a good decision and we are usually less expensive than the the stair in your log cabin kit.

Thanks again talk to you soon