a few words

about us


a few words about us

We are a constantly expanding and evolving company and have been building in logs for 50 years. A core part of our business has been replacing poorly built stairs with our quality built long lasting staircases. The key problem we find as that others use lag bolts or metal through rods or some other metal fasteners to hold the stair treads on. Metal and wood just don’t work together over time. The metal fasteners under daily use loosen, and then fail. It’s A cheap and poor way to build stairs but because it is just side line of the log home companies, they are just completing their packages so they can say it’s a complete package it will be your problem later.

Our Wood and Drying Process

Our glue boasts a 7000 pounds per square inch gripping strength, so on a typical tread on our spiral stair we would have 840,000 pounds of gripping strength. This is not your typical glue – it’s not even manufactured in North America and it’s not cheap – but we think it’s the best choice to use. Our Wood is slowly-dried white pine from Northern Ontario. Slowly dried means the water is removed evenly so there should be little if any shrinkage once at the job site, Slow growth means the rings are close together, making the wood very strong.

Metal & Wood in Staircases Sometimes Don’t Mix.
When we were asked to first make stairs, the home builder told me to put them together with lag bolts but leave the wood plugs off so they could tighten up the bolts for the next three years. This was from a very prominent log home builder and I still see people building this way today. If someone tells you that they attach your treads with anything metal,RUN-AWAY.

We use the best wood and it is only grown where we live along with the best glue and manufacturing workmanship make our stairs the best without question shouldn’t you have them in your home?

We only use the finest materials and decades of knowledge in design
bring that vision you have to life. Guided by you we can provide a fast
and custom service to suit your needs.
Our skills take us to some of the finest places on earth, and some of
the finest homes. We have the experience and quality to make your
staircase project smooth and professional.

Our Joinery Technology is Unique in Stair Building Industry

Our joinery technology for our spiral stairs are what makes our stairs so long lasting, we first drill into our center post at a 4 degree angle; which is similar to a branches angle. This gives us ideal leverage for our treads and will be strong like cement. We never cut into the sides of the center posts like some others do to notch in the treads, this completely weakens the stairs because this outer wood is the strong ridged wood that the stair tread needs to for support. If you chip into this outer layer all you will have left is the inner, soft, spongy wood which has little support and overtime will start to loosen and fail. Were not scared to tell our building secrets simply because our methods are hard work and no one else will copy them because they are such hard work. Other companies wont work as hard as we do to make our stairs.
So in a nutshell, we have the materials others can’t get the craftsmanship that others wont do will give you a fantastic, long lasting product. In our company we always strive to do better and I hope this information brings you a great confidence and you make a good choice in choosing your stair builder.