Custom Stairs:

Custom stairs are all we build! But to get into a bit more into detail, we make what is right for you no matter the layout, budget or dementions. It’s all custom.  Custom also means special and we make very special custom stairs and staircases. The most interesting are the multi-level multi-design, where you have one style going up and another going down. An example is a straight stairs going down and then a curved stairs going up on top with a twist.

The curved stairs on top are just supported by the edge of the opening going down to the basement. Another wild staircase is when we had an s-style staircase going up and from the lower post a spiral staircase going down into the basement. (photo coming soon). Lastly one of our multiple staircases that is split and then split again into each bed room. We could go on and on… but if you are looking for something unique call us, and we can help.

Why You Should Call Us Today

There are several reasons you should have your stair builder on board in the planning stage. I have seen firsthand how costly waiting can be. Getting the area right for the stairs from the beginning, or having an understanding of what you can do, will save many headaches and heartaches down the road.

We have had to build the most elaborate stairs to fit in the smallest of places, or build beside and go up over other stairs – but this all comes at a price. So tell me what you’re hoping for; I can explain the area that you need. Have all your questions answered – so it all works the first time.

The cost for our spiral stairs is very reasonable and we have not been undersold yet. We make the best log stairs because we have the best technology, hands down. You can ask us anything you like, and be very confident that you will get what we promise, before you buy.

Another advantage of contacting us today is getting today’s price – you can make arrangements to hold that price. You can also name your delivery date and you don’t need to know exact measurements now or the exact delivery date, but you can lock all of this in for a future time and be first in line.

As soon as you call, we can start to help you with one of the most complicated parts of your home – the call is free and so is the advice!

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