Beautiful Spiral Stairs & Wood Spiral Staircase Kits

Spiral Stairs is What We do:

We create beautiful custom wood staircases to your dimensions. We specialize in building spiral staircases and spiral stair kits. We offer our clients a variety of round staircase designs, including half log spirals, timber spirals, S-style spirals. We are experts in custom circular staircases with a variety of railing styles: log, branch or twig to our cliuents the right staircase for their space.

How We Build Your Staircase

We use only the best materials when it comes to our round staircases, and half log stairs. We create our own dowels and cut our own logs. We personally design each of our spiral stair kits.

Our self reliance allows us to control the quality of our wood spiral staircases and ensure that our products meet the exacting standards that we have placed on ourselves and our circular wood stairs.

Hello, and thank you for visiting our web-site. We welcome you to call us for any further information you may need in helping you make your Log Stair decisions.

Recently, we at Log Stair Systems, personally visited many manufacturers of Log Homes in hopes of expanding our business and improving our product. This experience was indeed very educational; however, we also found some aspects that could be improved upon, namely, the stairs many of these manufacturers are supplying with their newly crafted homes. While the quality of the homes for most is very good, the log stairs are not their focus, and we were asked about our repair services. However, we pride ourselves on crafting quality stairs from the beginning, rather than repairing mediocre products installed as an afterthought. When inspecting the stairs they were installing in their log homes, we noticed that the materials used were not compatible with the quality of the homes themselves. For example, many did not use kiln dried wood, nor were the fasteners and construction methods matched to the primary materials, meaning that the durability of their Log Stairs could be compromised. Wood that is not kiln dried (wet) does not mix well with metal fasteners or carpenters glue, nor does it lend itself to durability, and may warp. In our extensive 44 years of experience, from the time we built our first log home, to our specialization in Log Stair Systems, we have learned that there is no alternative to expert craftsmanship when providing home owners with beautiful, functional, and expertly designed and built Log Stairs. Regrettably, many of the log home builders offer or provide off the shelf stair products with their homes, at very large mark-ups. We at Log Stair Systems feel that their extra profit on the stair products is not worth the repair or replacement costs you may experience down the road, and as such, we respectfully advise that you are more than able to question the manufacturer of your log home about their stair products. We also ask that you please feel free to contact us for a competitive estimate to providing your home with the quality you deserve in a Log Stair System. Research and recommendations are one of the best ways to ensure that you receive the quality of service and product you are looking for, so don’t be sold on a salesman’s pitch when it comes to the centrepiece of your new Log Home. Ask what the cost of their available stairs are, and know that our rates are more than competitive, with the added reassurance that our quality and craftsmanship is guaranteed. Your home is your castle, and we hope to help you enjoy it for as long as you live there, with a beautiful and majestic focal point in a specially designed Log Stair System unique to your home. Let us show you what a difference true craftsmanship and real quality can make in your life and the life in your home.

Samples of Our Spiral Log Staircases

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