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Log Spiral Stairs

Our method of joining our Log spiral staircases together is what sets us apart from the rest. we join the treads to the post with century old proven techniques that will last forever.  Making our log spiral staircases kit’s the best in the industry worldwide.

Curved LOG Stairs

Curved staircase can range from fitting in a tiny space to a full elaborate focal point that awe-strucks all who enter your great room of your log home.  Log homes stairs must be made well so by right the first time so you don’t need to replace later.

Sweeping LOG Stairs

Sweeping log stairs are very different from Our Log cabin spiral staircase.  They named after the motion of a broom a semi circle design that cascades down to your lower floor, the pinnacle of elaborate design in your log home stairs.

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Log home stairs need to be well built log stairs

We are a constantly expanding and evolving company and have been around since 1995. A core part of our business has been replacing poorly built log stairs with our quality built long lasting log stair kits. The key problem we find as that others use lag bolts or metal through rods or some other metal fasteners to hold the log spiral staircase treads on. Metal and wood just don’t work good together over time. The metal fasteners under daily use loosen, and then fail. It’s just a very poor and dangerous way to build log stairs for your log cabin spiral staircase.

We want this experience to be as seamless and simple as possible when ordering your log cabin staircases. from the second you call us inquiring about a custom log staircase or log spiral stairs to its assembly and we want that joy to last a lifetime. in your beautiful log home or log cabin stairs for your log cabin.

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Were the experts in log stairs

Building in Logs for 50 years this is not a sideline or a part of the package. We get so many call about stairs that break down don’t be the next one. You took the time to plan and dream take the time to make it last.

Unmatch Quality

Our glue has 7000 psi hold strength our trees are slow growth and kiln dried and grow only in our area.We have the best joinery and techniques by our Amish carpenter staff. We put more effort and the best materials in our log stairs that’s why
the quality is better.



We do everything in house where others need to buy their materials, we put all those savings into our workmanship so your not paying so much for the materials as you are for the workmanship in our beautiful log spiral stairs.
Quality built log stairs for your Reno, log home kit or log cabin kit call now.
Most times our stairs are priced less than the stair priced in your log home package even when you want the most top end spiral log stairs with interwoven twig railings, ice cream cone treads with elephant posts on multi levels.  It will be better built and will last please call.

this is why

we do everything so they should


Never shrink


Never loosen up


Never warp or distort


Be solid like cement


Last for generations

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