Custom Log Spiral Stairs and Staircase Kits For Your Log Home

Welcome To The Log Staircase Experts:

We create beautiful custom log staircases for your log cabin, cottage, or log home. You tell us the design and we will customize the stairs to your needs. We offer all log staircase designs which include spiral staircase, curved staircase, sweeping staircase, timber spiral staircases, half log spiral stairs, straight stairs, S-style spiral stairs, and custom stairs. This also includes a variety of railing styles such as regular handrail, log, branch or twigs, spindles, weave, rod iron, and balusters. Please feel free to offer any ideas that you might have for your personalized staircase design.

We make getting your log stairs simple and easy from your first phone call to the final assembly of your custom staircase. Our biggest compliment is customers saying how easy our staircases are to assemble. Buying a staircase from us means you are buying strength, style and durability that will be enjoyed for generations.

Samples of Our Spiral Log Staircases

Designing your staircase

We design custom staircases to fit your needs and wants. Our first question is "How can we help you?". Our years of experience allows us to interpret your dreams and properly diagram the stairs for your specific home simply by telling us your vision. We design perfectly to fit your space in the creative way you desire. Our wood has a neutral color base that blends well with most other species of wood you might have in your home. Staircases are shipped unfinished because staining and varnishing, should always be based on what you are doing in the rest of your home decor. We have experience with building codes in most states and will provide your staircase kit with easy instruction that can be reassembled in a few hours with a couple of people.

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Our Staircase Guarantee

We are doing everything possible so your staircase:

  • NEVER shrink
  • NEVER separate
  • NEVER loosen up
  • NEVER warp or distort
  • BE SOLID like cement
  • BE ENJOYED for many generations

Check out our videos of why our staircases are the best in the industry.

To order your staircase

A simple 2 minute call will give you a solid quote, design concept and delivery time. Our staircases, compared to log home builders, provide a tremendous cost savings opportunity for you. These cost savings come from quick assembly (since we build staircases daily) and the quality wood that we have access too that home builders do not have and cannot get.

We truly want you to have the best log staircase in your dream home.


Phone: 1-705-843-0609