Beautiful Spiral Stairs & Wood Spiral Staircase Kits

Spiral Stairs is What We do:

We create beautiful custom log staircases for your home. Specializing in log spiral staircases, curved and all style of stair kits. We offer our all variety log staircase designs, including half log spiral stairs, timber spiral staircases, S-style spiral stairs. We are experts in log staircases with a variety of railing styles: log, branch or twigs for Your dream home You get the right staircase for location and space.

Our staircase process

We First build you what design you want not what comes off the factory floor. We talk and duscuss what is prefect for you and your home. Only after You are satified that we understand what you like We start to design your staircase to be strong and durable for years to come. We personally design each of our stair kits to be easily installed and glued to last indefinitely.

We are a family business, our self reliance allows us to control the quality of our log staircases and ensure that our products meet the exacting standards that we have placed on ourselves and be sure our stairs are the best.

Thank you for visiting our web-site. We welcome you to compare our Log Staircases and can help with any questions You have before you make your decision 1 705 843 0609.

We at Log Stair Systems, personally visited many manufacturers of Log Homes in hopes of expanding our business and seeing if we can improve what we do. These visits are indeed very educational; The first thing we learn is that our staircases are the best built in the world because we are always triing to improve our methods and not using old out dated technoligy. Our glue is best you can find, our drying system of our wood makes better staircases for your home. We use slow growth white pine and Cedar from Canada. All aspects in our stairs have been thoughly thought out so that when your stairs arrive they will fit right, look beautiful and be very durable. We never use metal screws or bolt in our log staircases because we know this old technoligy does Not last. We truely want you to have the best log staircase in your home and we will explain why that would comes from Us we want you to enjoy our log stairs in your beautiful log home and be happy.

Samples of Our Spiral Log Staircases

Other Stair Photos